What Is Tree Felling?

Have you heard the term ‘tree felling’ in the past and never been quite sure what it meant? If so, you will love today’s blog post, which is all about tree felling and what it entails. Written in consultation with our arboricultural specialists, it covers all the basic information you need to know. The next time someone else asks “What is tree felling?” you will be able to give them a detailed answer.


A Basic Definition of Tree Felling for the Busy

If you are looking for a quick answer so you can get on with the rest of your day, here it is:

Tree felling is the cutting down of a tree or trees. In some cases, a tree-felling service may include the removal of the trees too but this is not always the case.

So that’s a simple definition, which will suffice if all you want to know is what the term ‘tree felling’ actually means. If you are looking for a more detailed answer that covers all the commonly available tree felling services in North East Scotland, please see below.


A More In-Depth Look at Tree Felling

We know the term ‘tree felling’ refers to the cutting down of trees but how is this service performed and by whom?

Tree felling can be performed manually, using traditional hand tools like saws and axes, or with the aid of power tools such as petrol chainsaws. The best tool for each felling job will depend on the size and type of tree that needs to be felled, its location and the reason for the felling. All these factors will be taken into account by the tree surgeon performing the work, with manual felling often the choice for smaller specimens and trees in locations where loud noises are unwelcome. In almost all other cases, power tools will be preferred as they can make light work of an otherwise arduous task.


Volume Felling

In cases where hundreds or even thousands of trees need to be cut down, a more efficient felling approach may be pursued: mechanical felling.

Mechanical felling is performed with feller buncher machines, which cut and gather timber more efficiently than is possible when doing the job by hand. With special attachments that allow them to grab, cut and move trees around with ease, as well as log and chip them on location, feller bunchers can make short work of large plantations. When someone talks about large-volume tree felling in forestry plantations, they are almost certainly referring to mechanical felling.


Reasons for Tree Felling

Commercial felling and logging operations are performed for profit but trees on parkland or in residential gardens are normally only felled if:

  • They pose a danger to persons or property in the area.
  • They are damaged or diseased beyond the point where they can be saved.
  • They are on a site that is slated for new construction.

If you require a professional tree-felling service in Northeast Scotland, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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