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Knowing if you need a tree surgeon can be simple. Is there something worrying you about your trees?

Perhaps you’ve noticed some changes to the health of your tree? The leaves are a bit sparse, the tree looks wilted, it may have strange growths or oozing. Or, it could be that your tree is growing too large for an area. A bit too tall for your comfort. Or tree branches are getting a little too close to structures.

Sometimes people are concerned about trees blocking the light in an area. Moss growing in the grass, or shade on the greenhouse.

It may not even be you. Maybe your neighbours are worried about a tree and need some reassurance. Or maybe your insurance won’t cover a tree close to your property?

The reasons to get a tree surgeon can be numerous and widespread. There are a million reasons someone may want work carried out or tree advice from our team. Whatever the reasons we’re here to help you find solutions.


At Epic Tree Care we listen to your concerns, and provide balanced and informative advice. Helping you to make the best decision for both yourself, and the trees for which you have charge. This is no simple tree lopping or tree topping service. At Epic Tree Care our tree surgeons in Moray work hard to make sure that you and your tree get the best care. Helping you thrive in your favourite space, not just in the short term.

Tree Surgeon Services

Trees can easily outlive both us and you, so they deserve respect and care. Epic Tree Care focus on making sure they continue life in the best condition possible. While making sure their caretakers can continue to appreciate them for are that they bring. Including their fantastic ecosystems, food source, decorative features, bird feed hanger. As well as windbreak, medicine and everything else they can be over their lifetime.

With attention paid to tree pruning seasons, wildlife impacts and garden care, we work very hard to make sure that Epic Tree Care’s contribution to the tree world is a positive one. This is all we do and we take pride in being exceptional at it. You and your trees can trust that we will do our utmost. Making sure that every aspect of your tree care and experience will be easy, comfortable and the best quality.

Lets face it, North East Scotland isn’t exactly the most comfortable of growing conditions for most trees anyway. Our customers at the coast like Cullen, Portsoy and Portnockie especially can all see how tough the few trees managing can have it. We certainly don’t need to make it any harder! Our tree surgeons in Moray and Aberdeenshire are here to tackle any job, both large and small.

Experienced and friendly Service from locally based Moray Tree Surgeons

There are a huge variety of tree related services our tree surgeons in Moray can help with. These include;

  • Assessing tree safety
  • Assisting with tree health issues
  • Helping maintain trees in restricted spaces
  • Professional tree removal – no matter how difficult the spot
  • Diagnosing tree health issues
  • Introducing light through or around trees
  • Permissions and work recommendations for TPO protected trees

No matter what your concern is, our knowledgeable tree surgeons will be able to assist. Determining the best course of action by assessing each tree on a case by case basis.

Contact us to book a free, no obligation consultation from one of our skilled tree surgeons in Moray and Aberdeenshire.

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Tree Surgeon Moray

Epic Tree Care are based in Keith. Right on the boundary between Aberdeenshire and Moray, making us perfectly placed. If you are looking for reliable, experienced, qualified, insured, friendly local tree surgeons in Aberdeenshire, you’ve found us!

At Epic Tree Care we are very lucky to have exceptionally skilled tree surgeons and arborists working with us. All offering experience, knowledge and a wide range of services for the protection and maintenance of trees.

In the world today we are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of the natural environment. Trees have such power and significance for cleaning our air, absorbing harmful chemicals and even absorbing excess heat from our atmosphere, This isn’t even considering the amenity value, impact on ground conditions, wildlife and our reaction to them mentally.

Trees are such an essential part of our ecosystem. We believe that every tree is important and should be cared for, nurtured and looked after throughout its lifetime. From the early stages of growth and development, into maturity and during old age.

With the specialised knowledge and experience of our tree surgeons, we can always guarantee that your trees are in safe hands. Continuing to grow and positively impacting your environment for many years to come.

Contact us to arrange a site visit from our team of skilled tree surgeons in Moray and beyond.

Tree Surgeon Moray

Based in Keith, Epic Tree Care provides forestry and tree surgery services to both commercial and domestic property owners. We have worked with local authorities, councils, conservation groups like Scottish Natural Heritage, and an ever increasing, lovely group of residential home owners.

From small urban gardens to large rural woodland estates, parks and public spaces, all tree related spaces are fantastic and present their own interest and challenges. When we say no work too big or small, that’s because not only can we do it, we revel in it. Small trees and small spaces are often the most complex and interesting as the tree can have a huge impact on the space. Pruning and Tree removal in Moray & Aberdeenshire can be interesting and high impact in many unusual ways. Larger areas come with their own challenges of course…. We are very lucky in tree work, it is rarely the same day twice and never boring.

Operating throughout Moray, Banffshire, Aberdeenshire, Keith, Elgin, Huntly, Inverurie, Banff, Turriff, Buckie, Fochabers. As well as many more areas around the Moray and Aberdeenshire counties of Scotland.

Tree Surgeon in Aberdeenshire Moray
Contact our qualified tree surgeons today for more information on services in Aberdeenshire and Moray, or to arrange a free quote.


Please see our great reviews from 200+ satisfied customers on Yell, Bark and Google.

Trevor Bower
Trevor Bower
I needed to thin an overcrowded small copse at the bottom of my garden. I am so glad I chose Epic Tree Care, as right from the beginning with the visit from Elaine to advise what the best solution would be, to the work being carried out by Jason and his team everything was excellent. The friendly men on site worked professionally and efficiently and with care to avoid any unnecessary damage to remaining trees and fences. They left the site clean and tidy, overall a pleasant experience. I would strongly recommend this company.
Gale Solomon
Gale Solomon
Great service with good tidy up, helpful and friendly
Rosemary Carroll
Rosemary Carroll
I recently bought a new home that had very tall, very unkempt hedges and a few rotten and self-seeded trees. Clive and Elaine's team were amazing from start to finish. Elaine came out to assess the job first and I told her my budget. She worked with it to get the maximum amount of work from it, and gave a timescale for the job to be completed by. The team appeared on time at the job and were polite, happy and very informative. They went over the job list to make sure I was happy. Then they got to work. Everything was done to an incredibly high standard. The equipment itself was very impressive. The professionalism of the team was really lovely to see. They even paused at regular intervals to tidy up around them! After they were finished, apart from a couple of pieces of twig that the wind caught, there was no evidence of them having been there! Three trees, one huge laurel type hedge cut back and a whopper of an evergreen hedge completely removed, roots and all, and all done in one day... An absolutely brilliant team. I won't need you again probably, but if I did I wouldn't hesitate to call, and I'll happily recommend you all day long. A trusted and reliable team and a truly epic service, thank you guys!
Debra Whelband
Debra Whelband
This company is to be commended! They have all the necessary equipment to make the project as seamless as possible, not to mention the safety gear provided to the staff. Jason was calm, polite and very approachable. Nothing was a problem. They removed a mature Sycamore in poor condition to a habitat stump for the birds and a Crown raise and sympathetic thin of mature Elm tree, which now looks amazing. I enquired about keeping the chippings from this tree and Jason advised to keep it if I had a place to spread it as hard wood timber makes great mulch. Be aware you need to leave it for 12 months if you want to used it around flowers/plants etc. They worked seamlessly and left the place immaculate. Considering the amount of shrubbery this was no mean feat. The costing was very reasonable and to my mind money well spent. Your business model is great!
Lisa Rose
Lisa Rose
Very efficient and professional service,excellent communication and friendly staff. Would highly recommend Epic Tree care.
Alistair Law
Alistair Law
excellent advice delivered by a very nice and pleasant and knowledgeable young girl
Julia Wright
Julia Wright
Epic Tree Care have pollarded our big sycamore. They have done an excellent job, very quick and so careful of the surroundings that nothing in the garden was damaged despite the tree being surrounded by borders, sheds and garages. Thank you, guys and thank you, Elaine for the excellent customer service, it has been a good experience from the beginning to the end.
Lee Halsall
Lee Halsall
Efficient , professional and affordable . They have the right equipment to carry out any felling and trimming leaving hardly a trace that they’ve been .
A Webster
A Webster
Big thanks to Epic Tree Care for their exceptional service in removing a tree and stump from my garden. Their professionalism, efficiency, and tidy work were top-notch. Highly recommend their skilled team for anyone in need of tree services!
Rhona Watson
Rhona Watson
Carefully assessed the work to be done and promptly quoted. Agreed dates for the work to be done and came when they said. Carried out the work exactly as agreed. Team was organised and hard working. Tidied up well once the work was completed. I was particularly impressed with the stump removal and the care taken to make sure I was happy with the finished shape of the trimmed trees. Cost seemed high until I saw how many workers were in the team, what work was actually involved, how much wood had to be disposed of and the amount of equipment involved. I was completely satisfied with the work done and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

We operate with £5 million Public Liability Insurance and £10 million Employers Liability Insurance.

Professional Tree Inspection Lantra Professional Tree Inspection
Lifting Equipment City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment
Woodchipper Lantra Woodchippers
Stumpgrinder Lantra Stumpgrinders
Chainsaw City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting
Chainsaw City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Ground Based Chainsaw Operator
Chainsaw (200-380mm) City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Felling Small Trees up to 380mm
Chainsaw (over 380) City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Felling and Processing Trees over 380mm
Windblow City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Severing Uprooted or Windblown Trees using a Chainsaw
Assisted Fell City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Assisted Fell Operations
Working at Height
Rescue City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue
Chainsaw City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Using a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness
Chainsaw City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Aerial Tree Pruning
Chainsaw City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw Using Free-fall Techniques
Rigging City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Aerial Tree Rigging
Utilities Utility Arboriculture City & Guilds NPTC Level 3 Utility Arboriculture Basic Electrical Knowledge
Chokerman – Skyline City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Forest Machine Operations – Chokerman
Base Skidder City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Forest Machine Operations – Base Machine with Skidder
Forwarder City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Forest Machine Operations – Base Machine with Forwarder
Mulcher City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Forest Machine Operations – Flail/Mulcher
Felling City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Forest Machine Operations – Felling
First Aid First Aid Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry

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We are Tree Surgeons in Aberdeenshire, operating throughout Moray, Banffshire and many more areas around the northeast of Scotland.

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