Environmental Policy

Epic Tree Care are dedicated towards sustainable forestry. We employ a strict environmental policy and we are committed to our recycling targets of 99% of all waste created during tree work.

We have previously planted a large swathe of our farm land with Scottish hardwood trees, and we are in the application stage of a process to plant another 20 acres of our land with trees, the total of 75 Acres of new woodland makes Epic Tree Care pretty sustainable.

Last year we bought a mobile sawmill which allows us to board up good timber, minimising wastage. We also have the tractor and timber cart making moving large chunks of wood possible.

We have in-house firewood processors and chippers so the rest of the waste goes to Firewood or Woodchip, which is either sold, given to people in need, or composted on the yard for general gardening.

We even had a stab at the Jean Pain method of heating using decomposing wood chip to generate heating, unfortunately it didn’t work out particularly efficiently but we will try again at some point, and we are looking into adding in a Hydro-electric scheme in the future to reduce our reliance on mains electric at the yard and home.
shaping our surroundings

We are 100% sustainable and recycle 99% of waste created in our work

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