Conservation Area Tree Works

Conservation area trees in Moray and Aberdeenshire

Conservation Area Trees

Conservation Areas are legally protected parts of towns, villages, and cities.  The legislation protects the appearance and character of a neighbourhood. It is illegal to fell, prune or damage a tree in a Conservation Area without notifying your local council. As with Tree Preservation Orders, fines can be in excess of £10,000. There are some exemptions, which Epic Tree Care can advise on.

Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City councils all have areas designated as Conservation Areas. Epic Tree Care can check your address in advance of any tree works to confirm whether you are in a Conservation Area.

For trees in Conservation Areas, we can inspect the tree and write our pruning or felling recommendations in a report. We can then submit a formal notification to the council.

Once the council has received an application for tree works, they have 6 weeks to respond. If they consent to the tree works, our tree surgeons at Epic Tree Care can carry them out. If they do not respond, works can proceed after 6 weeks.

The council cannot refuse consent, but it can choose to place a Tree Preservation Order on a tree. If the tree officer serves a TPO notification, Epic Tree Care can provide written reports and recommendations, assisting in finding a reasonable solution which resolves all parties’ concerns.

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