Tree Felling Licences

Tree felling licences in Aberdeenshire & Moray

Felling Licences

Most woodlands, forests and non-domestic trees need a felling licence before any felling takes place. Felling licences are granted by Scottish Forestry (formerly the Forestry Commission). The penalty for not having a felling licence can be £5,000 per tree and a criminal record.

Epic Tree Care can help secure felling licences in Moray, Banffshire and Aberdeenshire. Surveying woodlands and collecting all the necessary information for your felling licence. We can calculate an estimated volume of timber for your felling operations. As well as completing your felling application, s we have the necessary mapping software to generate a map of your site.

Epic Tree Care and our founder have been operating in northeast Scotland forestry for over a decade. Our team of tree surgeons are experienced in securing felling licences within Scottish Forestry’s Grampian conservancy.

Felling licences normally require replanting. If the original trees were unsuitable for the site, this is an opportunity to re-plant with appropriate species. For example, large conifers blocking light could be replaced with native deciduous trees.


As part of every felling licence, Epic Tree Care recommends appropriate replacement trees for re-planting. When re-planting we always consider the reason trees are being felled in the first place. We will suggest planting appropriate tree species to avoid problems in the future.

Contact our qualified tree surgeons today for more information on pruning services or to arrange a free quote.

How to Obtain a Felling Licence in Scotland

Whether you decide to go it alone or enlist the help of a team of professionals such as ourselves, you’ll need to submit a completed Felling Permission application to Scottish Forestry. Only eligible persons and legal entities may apply and every application must be accompanied by maps of the affected area. Below, we have outlined the information Scottish Forestry requires from Felling Permission applicants, along with some details about eligibility, and actions that you can take to increase the chances of a hassle-free application and approval process.

Who Can Apply for a Felling Licence in Scotland?

In order to apply for a felling licence in Scotland, you will either need to be the owner of the land where the felling is to be carried out or the occupier of the land. In the latter case, you will need written consent from the landowner before you can submit an application. If you would Epic Tree Care or another professional representative to handle the application process for you, this is easy to arrange. All we will need is a completed mandate: a simple form that confirms we have been authorised to submit a Felling Permission application on your behalf.

What Information Is Required?

Scottish Forestry requires full details of any proposed felling operation involving non-domestic trees before it will consider an application for a felling licence in Scotland. Among other things, you will need to specify exactly what you wish to fell, the location of the trees to be felled and the timescale of the proposed operation.

How to Ensure a Trouble-Free Application

The best way to ensure a trouble-free application process is to engage our services but if you decide to go it alone, you can make your life a little easier by remembering to do all of the following:

  • Informing All Affected Parties in Advance
  • Preparing Accurate Felling Maps
  • Preparing Accurate Restocking Maps if Applicable

If you would like us to take care of everything for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email at any time.


Please see our great reviews from 200+ satisfied customers on Yell, Bark and Google.

Jo Baker
Jo Baker
Beautiful job of trimming our trees, punctual, good communication, tidy workers. Would fully recommend.
eric lackford
eric lackford
Excellent in every aspect. Really careful and professional in attitude to work and safety. Did a wonderful job, cleaned up beautifully, not a trace left. Highly recommended.
Graham McArthur
Graham McArthur
Outstanding service, they removed a large ugly tree/bush from my front garden when we were out, returned home and you wouldn't even know they'd been there, clean, tidy and very efficient!!!! Also very reasonable price.
William Ramsay
William Ramsay
First class service from start to finish Highly recommend them
Jack B.
Jack B.
Fantastic people to work with
Gareth Matthews
Gareth Matthews
Cut down very overgrown Leylandii hedge to half height and chipped all offcuts. Well priced, excellent communication, really careful, neat and efficient. Very pleased with their work. Highly recommend.
Great service. The team was very professional, performed the work safely with a very good final result and leaving the site spotless. I highly recommend Epic Tree Services.
Jolanta Switon
Jolanta Switon
Recommendable company. Professionalism and setting very good.
Neil Booth
Neil Booth
I needed a 5 yearly pruning of my extensive trees and removal of 1 fir and 2 dead beech. I contacted Arborist Direct and they put me in touch with Epic Tree Care their agent for Aberdeenshire. Elaine came to view the trees and given her advice which was very helpful. The quote was a little higher than expected but the tree work was carried out excellently on the dates advised. The team leader George was very customer facing and helpful. The results were well worth the cost. A very professional service. I will use Epic again. If elsewhere in Scotland I will certainly contact Arborist Direct to see who their local agent is.
Robert Teasdale
Robert Teasdale
Amazing service! Called out with a huge soruce about to fall on our house after storm Otto, two fabulous tree surgeons came within one hour of call out. Working into the dark to save our house from destruction. Cannot tha k them enough.

We operate with £5 million Public Liability Insurance and £10 million Employers Liability Insurance.

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