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Epic Tree Care Ltd was founded by Clive Coney in 2015. It is a small, friendly local enterprise operating throughout North East of Scotland, servicing Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.
clive coney tree surgeon
Director / Arborist

Clive has been working in Forestry and Arboriculture for over 17 years.

Having grown up on a working farm he quickly learnt that a piece of machinery can save valuable time, prevent worker injuries, and make working much more productive. This awareness has made a huge impact in shaping Epic Tree Care. As a business we now own a wide array of machinery, allowing us to complete work faster, safer, and cleaner than many. Larger companies are often heavily reliant on manual labour, resulting in high staff turnover, high injury rates and long-term damage to many workers.

He has worked within commercial tree planting, woodland management, forestry, and domestic tree surgery, just to name a few! This wealth of experience in different areas has helped to shape the company into what it is today; efficient, safe, focussed on making sure people get the best work and advice to suit their spaces in the long run.
Having all the relevant qualifications for every aspect of forestry from felling, large and small, to windblow, to winching, to harvester and forwarder driving, and the same in Arboriculture where he holds the qualifications for climbing, stump grinding, professional tree inspection, utility works and everything in between, there is very little tree related he has not done many, many times.

He is rarely on a site nowadays unless it involves heavy machinery, or a large volume of work, as his focus has turned to machinery operator and management in recent times.

Based in Keith, we are well equipped to undertake the complex tree surgery works and provide forestry and arboricultural services across North East of Scotland.

Elaine has instead, been working in project management for over 10 years.

Working in many jobs, never afraid to get her hands dirty, she worked her way up several companies before deciding in 2018 that Oil and Gas simply wasn’t for her.

In early 2018 Elaine started with Clive helping on the tree work, managing the paperwork in the evenings, and joining him onsite during the day. She quickly amassed experience and qualifications in a wide variety of tree work, from felling, to climbing, professional tree inspection, utility arboriculture and a host of other things.
In 2021, workload forced a change of methods as the business had outgrown the “part-time” paperwork approach. Elaine went to full time on the customer side of the business as well as the “invisible work” that makes everything tick over on the rest of the business’s fronts.

Having the full range of tree work experience as well as a head for the project management aspects, she now does most of the advice, quoting and customer experience management. Should you get in touch, odds are you will be speaking to her fairly frequently!

Contact our qualified Arborists today for more information or to arrange a free quote.
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