Hedge Trimming Services

Hedge trimming in Moray and Aberdeenshire

Hedge Trimming Services

At Epic Tree Care we offer a variety of hedge trimming services.

Hedges. They look fantastic, a beautiful green screen full of wildlife and interest. When the correct species is planted and maintained properly, they can be a huge boon to a garden adding numerous benefits to the environment. As well as the obvious aesthetic appeal, hedges can act as a fantastic wind block, sound barrier. Also there are the many ecological benefits.

Unfortunately, when not maintained properly, they can quickly become more a problem than a benefit for their human owners. Epic Tree Care are well equipped at keeping hedges under control. Our tree surgeons in Aberdeenshire are qualified in managing hedges within boundaries and keeping them looking their lush best. With our experience you ensure that any trimming is done with consideration and care. Ensuring hedges grow neatly, dense and healthy.

Our team offer free hedge and tree advice in Moray and surrounding areas. We can advise on matters involving the high hedges act, bird nesting season, correct times for trimming. As well as species specific details and seasons for pruning. Regular hedge trimming services may seem an expense but save money in the long term. Avoiding more costly hedge reductions and issues with overgrowth that may in time lead to hedge removal or replacement.


Hedge trimming is pretty simple as an activity; however, it requires attention to detail. As often the height of hedges can complicate matters, especially when working around neighbours, phone lines or roads. Our tree surgeons in Moray have extensive experience in working on hedges and trees both high and low. Simplifying your hedge maintenance requirements know that your garden is in safe hands.

Epic Tree Cares maintenance scheduling ensures you wont even need to think about it. As once you’ve signed up we’ll get in touch with you at the correct time of year. Scheduling a suitable date for our experienced team to attend. Making light work of your hedges, you can relax and know that it’s already taken care of. Without the stress or strain that can often come with maintaining ones own hedges.

Hedge Trimming Services Moray

Hedge species vary significantly in the levels of maintenance required. Some only require trimming once a year to look their best. While others can need trimmed 3 times a year to prevent gradual increase in size. Epic Tree Care can offer hedge and tree advice in Aberdeenshire and Moray on your specific species requirements, trimming seasons, diseases and limitations.

Of course, you can also rely on our usual standard of clean-up. Our modus operandi as standard is to leave your garden in fantastic condition. Therefore post hedge trimming you should look into your space seeing only improvements.

We offer a variety of hedge services including reduction, removal and hedge stump removal. All carried out by our expert tree surgeons.

Hedge Trimming Aberdeenshire

Hedge Trimming Services Aberdeenshire

Hedge trimming isn’t the highest risk activity, but it always pays to use a company fully insured and qualified. Epic Tree Care Ltd holds Public Liability Insurance to £10 million, employee liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

All staff are fully qualified and experienced. Copies of NPTC City and Guilds Certificates, and Insurance Documentation available, as is our Waste Carriers licence from the Qualifications and certifications section of the website. Our work is consistently safe and conscientiously finished. Part of that involves ensuring no liability falls on the homeowner, at any time. As we also carry out services for tree removal in Aberdeenshire and Moray as well as other tree maintenance related services. So it’s important that we carry professional certifications to ensure all work is completed safely.

Contact our qualified Arborists today for more information or to arrange a free quote.
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