TPO Tree Removal

TPO Tree Removal for Domestic and Commercial Customers

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) are intended to protect the trees for which they are issued so it’s normally very difficult to have them rescinded after they have come into effect. However, TPO tree removal does not necessarily depend on the TPO itself being removed first. If you enlist the help of a team of professionals such as ourselves, you can have protected trees removed in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, subject to local council approval of course. See below for details of our tree removal service for TPO-protected specimens and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to speak to one of our experts.


How We Approach TPO Tree Removal

There are three main situations in which we are asked to step in and help our clients complete the removal of a specimen protected by a TPO and our approach will depend on which one you are currently faced with:


  • TPO Tree in the Way of New Property Development – If you are planning any type of new property development in North East Scotland and there is a tree protected by a TPO on the land in question, we can help. We will ensure you have all the documentation you need to support your application to the local planning authority (LPA). While we cannot guarantee you will receive the approval you seek, we can make sure that your application is neither delayed nor declined due to insufficient detail or improper formatting. We have helped many people and businesses to remove TPO trees in the past and know exactly what is required in the way of evidence / supporting documentation. Please note: planning permission will override any TPO that may be in place so there is no need to apply to have the TPO removed first, just the tree itself.
  • Dead or Dying TPO Tree – In cases where a tree protected by a preservation order has died or is in the process of dying, it should normally be possible to remove the tree after applying to your LPA for permission to do so. It is not necessary to have the TPO removed: all you need to do is apply for planning permission to remove the tree and then wait to receive approval. It is worth noting that in most such cases, the LPA will normally insist on a suitable replacement being planted, after the TPO tree removal has been completed. As fully experienced tree surgeons, we will be very happy not only to support your application but to remove the original specimen and plant the new one for you.
  • TPO Tree That Poses a Risk to Persons or Property – If you have a tree on your land that is posing a definite risk to persons or property, and it is protected by a TPO, you will also need to apply to your LPA for permission to work on the tree or have it removed. We can help you to prepare the necessary documentation and perform any inspections that may be required to gather supporting evidence (with clear evidence, your application is more likely to be approved).


If you are facing one of the above-mentioned situations somewhere in North East Scotland, or a similar one, and you would like to resolve your problem in the most efficient manner possible, please call to speak to us during normal working hours or send us an email requesting a call back at a time that suits you. Whatever your specific situation and requirements, it will be our pleasure to provide you with all the help and assistance you need.

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Rhona Watson
Rhona Watson
Carefully assessed the work to be done and promptly quoted. Agreed dates for the work to be done and came when they said. Carried out the work exactly as agreed. Team was organised and hard working. Tidied up well once the work was completed. I was particularly impressed with the stump removal and the care taken to make sure I was happy with the finished shape of the trimmed trees. Cost seemed high until I saw how many workers were in the team, what work was actually involved, how much wood had to be disposed of and the amount of equipment involved. I was completely satisfied with the work done and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
Steve Macdonald
Steve Macdonald
Great business to deal with informative and communicative. Responded rapidly to any queries, job done on time, very efficient and price was reasonable.
Karen dallas
Karen dallas
Great efficient service form professionals who know their trade.
Mumus Mum
Mumus Mum
Efficient and friendly. Pruned a number of trees and removed all wood. Thank you so much Sheila
Jo Baker
Jo Baker
Beautiful job of trimming our trees, punctual, good communication, tidy workers. Would fully recommend.
eric lackford
eric lackford
Excellent in every aspect. Really careful and professional in attitude to work and safety. Did a wonderful job, cleaned up beautifully, not a trace left. Highly recommended.
Graham McArthur
Graham McArthur
Outstanding service, they removed a large ugly tree/bush from my front garden when we were out, returned home and you wouldn't even know they'd been there, clean, tidy and very efficient!!!! Also very reasonable price.
William Ramsay
William Ramsay
First class service from start to finish Highly recommend them
Jack B.
Jack B.
Fantastic people to work with
Gareth Matthews
Gareth Matthews
Cut down very overgrown Leylandii hedge to half height and chipped all offcuts. Well priced, excellent communication, really careful, neat and efficient. Very pleased with their work. Highly recommend.

We operate with £5 million Public Liability Insurance and £10 million Employers Liability Insurance.

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