When is the Best Time to Trim Trees

If you have 1 or more trees on your property you may be wondering when is the best time to trim them back. The balmy summer months might seem like the common sense answer but in truth, the summer is not necessarily the best time to prune. In this post, the experts at Epic Tree Care will examine the question “When is the best time to trim trees?” and provide an answer.


Answering the Question: When is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

Summer might seem like the best time to trim trees but in fact, that is only true for a small number of species. Birch, maple and cherry trees, for instance, use sap to protect wounds (in this case “wounds” caused by pruning) and so they need to be pruned during the warm weather months so that the sap can flow and do its work. Most other deciduous trees, however, are best pruned during their dormant months between late autumn and early spring.


Why It’s Important to Prune Trees During Their Dormant Period

There are several benefits to pruning trees during their annual dormant period from late fall to early spring, including:


  • Less risk of damage: When a tree is cut back during the growing season it can become more susceptible to damage. When you cut back a tree that is actively growing you run the risk of disrupting the flow of nutrients and water to the tree. Warm weather pruning may also attract the attention of certain pests drawn to the smell of freshly cut branches.
  • Preventing disease: By pruning during the dormant season you not only minimize the odds of attracting pests you also minimize the wounds left behind so the tree stands a better chance of healing before the warm weather returns. It’s also a good idea to remove dead or diseased branches during the dormant season.
  • More robust growth: When you cut back your tree during the dormant season you set it up for robust growth once the warm weather returns. A professional pruning job sends signals to the tree to ramp up new growth once the weather permits and redirect energy to the remaining branches.
  • More abundant fruit production: If you have fruit trees, cutting them back and removing old wood during the dormant season promotes the growth of new, fruit bearing branches during the warm weather months. The result can be more abundant harvests later in the year and for years to come.



Most people are surprised to learn that the best time to trim trees is typically during the cold weather months when the trees are dormant, rather than during the warm weather months. Equally important to when you prune your trees is who does the cutting back. Unless you have practical experience successfully trimming trees and the proper equipment it is always best to leave the pruning of trees to the experts. If the time has come to cut back a tree or trees on your property get in touch with Epic Tree Care by calling 01542 647607.

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