What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘tree surgeon’ used in conversation and you may already have an idea of what they do but how much do you really know about the life of a tree surgeon in this part of the world? If the answer is not as much as you’d like to, read on! Today’s post is going to explore the working life of tree surgeons in Northeast Scotland.


What Does a Tree Surgeon Do All Day?

A tree surgeon may also be referred to as an arborist because they specialise in arboriculture, which is the cultivation of trees and shrubs. Whatever you prefer to call them, the jobs they perform on a daily basis may include any of the following examples:


  • General Maintenance Tasks – Jobs such as pruning, crown thinning, crown reduction and crown lifting are core maintenance tasks that tree surgeons perform all the time. Sometimes the aim may be to encourage a certain pattern of growth and other times it could be to stop a tree from outgrowing its surroundings or simply to promote healthy growth in the future. A good tree surgeon will know how to achieve all of these goals.
  • Treating Damage, Disease and Pests – Tree surgeons also regularly treat trees that are blighted by disease or pest infestations, as well as specimens that have been damaged by high winds or a physical impact. 
  • Removing Problem Trees – Although they will do everything in their power to save a tree, professional arborists also have to fell and remove trees. Trees that are causing damage to nearby buildings or posing a threat to people in the area are two prime examples of the type of specimens that may need to be felled and removed.
  • Emergency Callouts – An experienced tree surgeon can expect to spend some time every year responding to emergency callouts, especially after unusually adverse weather conditions. Fixing storm-damaged trees, or felling and removing them when they are beyond fixing, is the type of emergency work that tree surgeons become accustomed to after a few years in the business.
  • Assessments, Surveys and Inspections – Tree condition surveys, risk assessments and health inspections are just a few examples of the types of surveys, inspections and assessments that tree surgeons in North East Scotland are regularly engaged to perform. Commercial organisations in the country commission a wide variety of surveys and inspections to help them manage trees on their land and remain in compliance with government regulations.
  • Providing Objective Advice – A time-served tree surgeon will almost certainly spend a significant portion of each working day advising his or her clients on tree care matters and any tree-related legal matters they may encounter.


There may be certain other tasks a tree surgeon performs on any given day but those listed above are the tasks most commonly performed by arborists across the country every day of the week. If you require help with any of these tasks, please feel free to contact us.

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