How to Manage a Woodland

If you have recently bought or inherited a woodland you may be wondering if there are any specific things you need to do to ensure its health and vitality. On the other hand, you may think, not without some justification, that woodlands have taken care of themselves just fine for millions of years and don’t really need human intervention. The truth is that while most woodlands are capable of managing themselves some will need help if you want to make them useful. In this post, the team at Epic Tree Care examine how to manage a woodland.


Define Your Objectives

Before you begin any woodland management programme:


  • Check with your local authority to see if there are any Tree Protection Orders active on your property or if it falls within a Conservation Area.
  • Also, check to see if you will need a felling license. For mature trees, you almost certainly will.

How to Manage a Woodland and Keep It Green and Beautiful

The following tips will help you manage your woodland so that it remains a vibrant and rejuvenating natural space. Just remember to always be mindful of other living things while working in the wood, including nesting birds, dormice and other animals. 


Tip 1: Clear away any dead wood

The first step in managing your woodland so that it is more than an impenetrable bush is to clear away old wood and debris. While removing rotting branches may disrupt the routine of some tiny beasts it will also go a long way toward making the woodland accessible.


Tip 2: Create a woodland garden

Creating a garden area in your woodland is a great way to ensure you stay engaged with the space. We would advise you to keep any clearance to an absolute minimum, though. A simple beaten path is preferable to a paved one and the garden area should not be so large as to become the defining feature of the woodland.


Tip 3: Fence in your woodland

If you just purchased the woodland you may notice that others are in the habit of intruding. Perhaps the previous owner didn’t know or care. But if you want to make sure your woodland is safe and accessible for yourself and other family members it may be a good idea to fence it off. Before you do however, check to see if you will need planning permission.


Tip 4: Don’t chase out the wildlife

Managing your woodland is important but that management should not extend to the point of excluding wildlife. After all much of the charm of any woodland is that it is a refuge for many types of animals. To make sure you don’t chase away the little ones maintain a good mix of plant species and sizes. Be mindful of all three levels: the tree canopy, shrubs and bushes and then the lower near-to-the-ground vegetation. Always opt for native plant species and don’t introduce anything that is going to require a lot of light.


If you would like to learn more about how to manage a woodland contact Epic Tree Care.

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