Do Tree Surgeons Work in the Rain?

One question that we are asked on a very regular basis is “Do tree surgeons work in the rain?” Sometimes the motivation for asking the question is curiosity but most of the time it is because a client is worried that we may have to delay a procedure they have booked us to perform. If you have ever wondered whether tree surgeons work in the rain and, if they do, what precautions they take, today’s article will tell you everything you wanted to know. Join us as we explain how rain can affect the work we do and what measures we take to minimise the impact it may have on our scheduling.

Do Tree Surgeons Work in the Rain in Scotland and Elsewhere?

If you are looking for a one-word answer we would have to say that it’s “no”. In the majority of cases, tree surgeons would rather postpone a procedure than risk their lives climbing trees in slippery, wet conditions. However, as with many things in life, it’s not always this black and white. There may be occasions when a tree surgeon will not postpone a site visit because of the rain, as we explain below.


When a Tree Surgeon May Consider Working in the Rain

In the following cases, it is possible a tree surgeon may elect to proceed with a site visit rather than cancelling altogether:

  • Intermittent or Very Light Rain – If it is only raining very lightly or in intermittent spells, most tree surgeons will go ahead with a site visit and assess the local weather conditions again on their arrival. 
  • Planning Procedures With the Client – When a meeting has been arranged to plan future pruning, trimming, thinning or felling procedures, rain will not normally be an issue. Most of the time, such meetings can be held indoors and even if it is necessary to go outside, rain will not usually be a concern. 
  • Performing Emergency Procedures – In the event that dead or diseased branches are in imminent danger of falling and causing damage to nearby buildings or power cables, a tree surgeon may decide to go ahead with an emergency procedure even when it is raining. However, such decisions are made on a case-by-case basis so you would need to speak to the tree surgeon in question to be sure.
  • Tackling Tasks at Ground Level – Tasks performed at ground level, such as hedge trimming, are not usually delayed because of rain.

There may be other instances when the answer to the question “Do tree surgeons work in the rain?” is yes. If you are concerned about a specific job you have booked us to perform, please feel free to call and speak to us about it whenever convenient. A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions and explain what will happen in the event of poor weather conditions on the day in question.

Precautions Tree Surgeons Take in Rainy Conditions

When delaying a procedure could cause many problems, professional tree surgeons may consider going ahead with it and will wear appropriate PPE, including waterproof jackets, boots and gloves when doing so. They will also favour manual tools over power tools as they are easier to control in such conditions. However, if they determine the risk is simply too great, even after taking all possible precautions, they will delay the procedure rather than put themselves and their team at risk.

For more information about how weather conditions affect the work that we do in North East Scotland and what we can do about it, call or message us.

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