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When you need a team of tree surveyors that you can rely on completely, you need to get in touch with Epic Tree Care. As experienced arboricultural consultants and fully qualified tree surgeons in North East Scotland, we are ideally placed to provide professional tree survey services to local organisations and residents. No matter what type of trees you are looking after or how many specimens you may have on your land, we can complete any type of survey you may require, quickly and accurately.


Services We Offer As Qualified Tree Surveyors

As fully qualified and experienced surveyors, we are able to offer the following survey and inspection services in North East Scotland:

  • Conservation Area Surveys – We often conduct surveys of trees in local Conservation Areas, when the trees in question are in need of professional attention. If you need to apply for permission to prune or fell trees that are growing in a local Conservation Area, we can provide you with a detailed survey that you can use to support your application. The survey will include our professional recommendations.
  • Planning Surveys – If you need to remove or prune trees to make room for new construction work, you will first have to commission a tree planning survey. As local arboricultural consultants and experienced tree surveyors, we can complete any type of tree planning survey that you may need in North East Scotland. All of our surveys are prepared in a format that is acceptable to local planning authorities and come with our professional advice and best recommendations.
  • Safety Surveys – If you are looking for a professional recommendation, we can perform an informal tree safety survey whenever we are in your area. We can also perform formal tree safety surveys, with full written reports, when required. These reports can be used for mortgage applications, insurance policy applications or to meet any other official documentary requirements for which they may be acceptable.
  • Health Surveys – We perform full tree health surveys in North East Scotland, the results of which may also be used to support various types of official applications. We are more than happy to perform informal tree heath surveys as well: looking over trees about which you have particular concerns and letting you know what we can do for them.
  • Preservation Order Inspections – In cases when work needs to be performed on a specimen that is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, we can complete a survey of the tree in question to support your application for permission to proceed. As experienced tree surgeons, we can also perform the necessary work if you desire. We have helped to take care of many distinguished trees during our time in business.
Contact our qualified tree surgeons today for more information on services in Aberdeenshire and Moray, or to arrange a free quote.

Whatever your specific requirements may be, we invite you to contact us now if you would like to discuss them with one of our experienced tree surveyors in North East Scotland. We are always happy to customise our services to meet the individual needs of our clients.

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