Tree and Stump Removal

Tree and Stump Removal in and around Moray and Aberdeenshire

Tree and Stump Removal

Unfortunately there will always be Trees growing in innapropriate locations, oversized for the area, self sown from surrounding trees and enroaching on buildings, or even trees which were perfectly suitable until they reached an older age and became unsafe or died.

Whatever the reason, if you feel your tree is not where it is meant to be, we can assist in removing it, we will advise at provision of quotation whether your tree is within a Protected Area or has a TPO, assist in instructing you how to remedy this, if applicable, or make any necessary arrangements for you -as you prefer.

We will then make all arrangements to ensure the tree can be removed safely and without damaging the surroundings, whether this is as simple as lowering the pieces in a controlled manner to avoid dropping the pieces in your pond, or as complex as Crane Dismantles with a full traffic management compliment, and timber stacking areas / powerline shutdowns.

Whatever the situation, we will have worked around it before and can quickly and efficiently ensure that this work is done to our high standards, and most importantly, safely.

With stumps we appreciate that they are often in unfortunate locations, take a long time to decompose, and generally get in the way. As standard on removing trees within a small area, we try to mark the stump, assisting in decomposition. For lively species we can administer Ecoplugs, to ensure there is no regrowth. If the stump needs removed for any reason, we do also offer stump grinding services with Epic Tree Cares high powered, tracked stump grinder, and smaller state of the art pedestrian grinder, that gets into places larger grinders simply will not manage.

For large areas of self sown, small saplings, or brash you need cleared we also have qualified sprayers who can assist in spraying areas with chemicals, killing small trees and bushes cheaply, quickly and effectively.

Tree and Stump Removal
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