Custom Sawmilling

Sawmilling services in Moray and Aberdeenshire

Custom Sawmilling

When you take down trees, it is a big change to your space and sometime can be a lot a of memories!

Perhaps you planted that tree or your kids played on it, often it isn’t the easiest choice to make, it seems a waste or just downright sad.

There is no need to just burn or dispose of your tree if you have a special project you want to reuse it for, or you just want to keep the memories close by finding a use, Epic Tree Care can help.

We can not only fell your tree, we can board the timber up afterwards, either bringing the sawmill to the timber, or the timber to the sawmill as is easiest and most cost effective.

People have had a variety of uses for the timber- tables, mantlepieces, bookcases,  custom kitchens and worktops, bowls and small items, even fences- it is a brilliant way to turn what is often a very real loss, into a long lasting, meaningful piece of your home.

custom sawmilling
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