Timber for Wood Craft and Wood Working

At the start of 2019, Epic Tree Care opened a new subdivision – a sawmill. As well as offering static sawmill services and custom sawmilling, owner Clive and his team have had the pleasure of sourcing and preparing an extensive range of fabulous wood for a wide range of wood craft and wood working projects.


Quoting Clive: “It never ceases to amaze us the beautiful wood we come across! Yew, elm, oak, sycamore, poplar. Fruit wood and laburnum for blocks, and, recently, the most gorgeous spalted beech.”


All wood is prepared, dried and stored on site under the careful supervision of Clive who has considerable experience in optimising conditions to produce top quality timber.


Many customers who have used wood sourced at Epic Tree Care, have shared images of their stunning wares. Credits: Beautiful bowls by Bruce Lumsden, Fireplace and Sycamore desk by RG Maintenance and Joinery.

wany edge elm board timber supplies
Supplying local wood workers with beautiful and quality timber

Timber & Wood Supply


North East Scotland




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