Pruning and Maintenance

Tree and Hedge Pruning and Maintenance, in and around Moray and Aberdeenshire

Pruning and Maintenance – Trees and Hedges

At Epic Tree Care we have significant experience with a vast variety of Trees and Hedges, big and small, deciduous and coniferous, local and exotic, so if you are looking to take good care of and maintain these plants, whether it be through a Crown reduction, Crown Thinning, Crown Lifting Precision Dismantling, Limb Removal or even just a wee bit of Hedge Maintenance you can trust us to do it safely, efficiently and with attention to aesthetics and your end goal.

We will check at quote stage whether your tree falls within a Conservation Area or has a TPO, and let you know if there are any limiting factors to any works.

The main part we like to focus on however is not the technical aspects, such as which pruning techniques we can use are- as we find that what is actually the most high impact and difficult thing to organise, is to establish what it is, you, the customer really want, and why. Because often, our advice will change drastically depending on what your final goal is.

We work hard with you to ensure that any course of action you take regarding your tree is an informed one and achieves your goal, whatever this may be.

We can give you expert advice on the best course of action taking into acount any time / cost / personal restraints that you may wish to disclose- and this service is available Free of Charge when we come to provide your quotation.

This is a decision made carefully, because our teams work hard, and well, but if it is to the wrong aim or an uninformed decision, it can be for what essentially is a bad result, simply because no-one had the conversation.

We also spend a not insignificant time on the cleanup (when required!), because we know that you, our customer, has highlighted over and over that this is an important part of this process for you, Tree surgery is not cheap and we want to make sure you feel you are getting value for your money, and look into your green space with a smile on your face after the works, otherwise we simply have not done our job properly.

As a company, we care for the trees which are our charge, and for the customers who trust us to help them make the correct decisions regarding such a precious resource!

Hedge Pruning and Maintenance
Hedge Pruning and Maintenance
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