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Whether you need a domestic or commercial arboricultural consultant in Northeast Scotland, Epic Tree Care can meet all of your requirements with ease. As a team of fully experienced and fully qualified tree surgeons, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a full range of arboricultural consultancy services. From troublesome trees in residential gardens to large woodland areas that require expert attention, we can tackle jobs of all types and sizes in this part of the country. For immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. In the meantime, you can find more information about our range of services below.


As an Arboricultural Consultant, What Can We Do for You?

We offer a full range of consultancy services to commercial and public sector organisations, as well as private landowners and local residents.


  • Tree Condition Surveys – We provide two different types of tree condition surveys, or tree health surveys as they are also know. The first is an informal assessment of a tree’s health, for which there is no charge. The second is a written report, which may cover anything from a single specimen to a large number of trees on your land and will contain details of any health issues that we identify.
  • Tree Safety Reports – We prepare written tree safety reports for mortgage applications, insurance policies and even just for your peace of mind. Our tree safety reports cover current issues that may be present, as well as anything we feel may become a problem in the near future.
  • Disease and Pest Diagnoses – As fully qualified tree surgeons, we are skilled in the diagnosis of many different conditions and pests that affect trees at one time or another in their lives. We inspect and diagnose all types of trees in all types of environments.
  • Treatment of Diseased or Pest-Infested Specimens – In addition to our diagnosis skills, we are able to offer our not inconsiderable treatment skills: if we identify a treatable condition or pest when inspecting your trees, we will recommend a suitable treatment plan, and carry it out for you on request.
  • Tree Removal – In addition to our survey, inspection, diagnosis and treatment services, we offer a tree removal service for commercial and domestic customers in North East Scotland. In situations where it is not practical to leave a tree in its current location, we can remove it quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • Stump Removal – As you might expect from an Arboricultural Consultant with a great record of achievement, stump removal jobs present no difficulties to us. With a variety of modern grinding equipment at our disposal, we are able to remove stumps from all types of locations, including those that other firms may find hard to reach. We make short work of stubborn old stumps that may otherwise get in the way of your garden redevelopment ideas.


We also perform pollarding and pruning when required so whatever your particular needs, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to us about them.


Why Epic Tree Care Is the Right Arboricultural Consultant for You

If you look for long enough, you will find a few very good arboricultural service providers in this part of the world but we believe we are the best, for the following reasons:

  • Local Expertise – Based in Keith, we have had the pleasure of working with many local commercial and residential property owners over the years and look forward to working with many more in the years to come. Our knowledge of the local area and its flora make us the go-to arboricultural specialists for many of the companies and individuals here.
  • Wealth of Experience – Having worked with local authorities, conservation groups, commercial organisations and local residents, we have a wealth of experience covering all types of arboricultural work. No job is too big or too small as far as our team of experts is concerned.
  • Fully Qualified – Every member of our team is a qualified professional who has demonstrated his or her skills to accredited assessors in order to gain the certification they hold. Furthermore, we take continuing education seriously, which is why every one of us also invests in ongoing professional training.
  • Competitive – We don’t aim to be the cheapest but we do work hard to keep our rates highly competitive across the board. Whatever type of arboricultural consultancy services you require, you will find our prices very attractive.

If you would like to speak to a fully qualified arboricultural consultant about your needs right now, please do not hesitate to call or email us. We are always keen to help local residents and organisations to solve their tree care issues, in the most economical and efficient manner possible.

Contact our qualified tree surgeons today for more information on services in Aberdeenshire and Moray, or to arrange a free quote.

If you need to speak to an experienced arboricultural consultant who is not only qualified but insured to provide advice on commercial tree management and tree care matters in North East Scotland, you need to contact Epic Tree Care. We have the knowledge and expertise to meet all of your requirements, and the ability to respond to all requests for help in a timely manner.


We are a team of highly experienced and fully qualified arborists, who carry full public liability, employee liability and professional indemnity insurance. Operating in the northeast of Scotland, we provide professional arboricultural consultancy services to both private and public sector organisations.

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