Woodwork Branding – Tools and Methods

Having spent the time and effort lovingly crafting a piece of woodwork, it’s a nice touch to give it your own unique signature with a branding iron, engraving or pen. It’s a sign of personalisation, quality and a way of saying that the craftsman is happy to attach his name to the finished item.

So what is the best way to add your mark, logo or signature to a piece of woodwork?



There are many ways to achieve the engraved finish. I have used an engraver’s tool to create a special maker’s mark on the finished piece. It can add a quality look to any piece of woodwork. Although it may not be the easiest tool to handle when engraving wood, as the tip of the tool tends to follow the grain of the wood. Best to practice your logo or maker’s mark on a bit of scrap wood to get a feel for how the tool handles when engraving your pattern.


Epic Tree Care logo engraved with an old fashioned engraving tool.


Branding Irons

Branding irons that are heated by fire can add a quality sign to woodwork projects. The naked fire required to heat the iron is from a by-gone era and is very apt for old fashioned or old styled wood work pieces. However, if you are a millennial or more of modern man, then electric branding iron models are available too.


If you are considering getting a branding iron, here are some tips:

Consider the typical styles and types of work you plan to brand with your mark or logo. Before purchasing a wood branding iron, determine an appropriate size. There are lots of stock designs on the market which you can add your details to, or you can create your own design.

Before branding any of your hard crafted finished woodwork projects, practice with your branding iron first to get the correct temperature and time with which the iron is in contact with the wood. An iron which is too hot will burn and smoke the wood making your print difficult to read.

Always try that iron on any new species of wood that you consider branding for adding a Maker’s Mark to. Results on softwoods will be different to results with hard woods, and the darker the wood the harder it will be to read the brand mark.

Best results can be found by branding onto raw unfinished wood. Any discolouration to the wood can be sand papered down, and your finish to the wood applied.



Epic Tree Care logo created with a fire-heated branding iron.


Looking for Tree Surgeons and Wood Suppliers?

Epic Tree Care are qualified Arborists operating throughout North East Scotland, offering wood and cost-effective solutions for the long-term management of your trees.

All tree work is fully compliant with BS 3998 (2010) and Arboricultural standards. Epic Tree Care are fully insured with public liability insurance up to £5,000,000, and fully committed to an environmentally friendly policy – recycling 99% of all waste product created during tree surgery work.

NOTE: Epic Tree Care do not stock engraving tools or branding irons and cannot advise on any specific query relating to engraving or branding wood.

For Wood Supplies and Tree Surgery Services – call 01224 460377  or  Contact Epic Tree Care.


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