Why are we still living in the dark ages?

Well hello there,

If your reading this you probably already know that recently I’ve set up my own tree surgery company, with ken, we used to work together for various other companies over the years. At this point I would like to point out that money is not, and has never been my motivation, I live a modest lifestyle and I’m quite happy with it, indeed the wage I commanded before starting epic tree care was more than enough. No, the motivation for putting ourselves through the painful birth of a new company, and dragging it kicking and screaming into the daylight is somewhat different.

I live my life trying to improve. On everything. I view being static as pointless, a waste. Ken, lucky enough is much the same. But we work in an industry that has little will to change, at least in the north east of Scotland. Look at Australia, or America, or the south of England, and you see that arboriculture can be a modern, mechanised, efficient industry, where new technology and methods are used to great effect.

Unfortunately, up here, everyone does it the old fashioned way, dismantle the tree in little bits, feed all the branches through a puny little chipper, and then cut the entire tree into little bits and get some poor ground worker who you’re paying minimum wage to carry it all out of the garden to the transit van. Well, about 3 years ago, I broke my spine, made quite a mess of 2 vertebrae whilst mountainbiking. This unfortunately made carrying logs not quite impossible but extremely painful. That, and by this point both me and ken had had enough of dealing with other company’s inadequacies. So we started Epic Tree Care, and from the start our core principal has been to innovate and improve, to provide excellence.

Unfortunately, we don’t quite (yet)have the capital to go buying shiny toys on the scale of ace tree management, in the video above, but we strive to modernise our industry. I’m currently building a 9 meter Hiab type palfinger crane onto a purpose built trailer, to use in dismantling large trees and removing timber efficiently, in lengths not silly little bits. Our chipper is twice the size of the average, and 4 times more productive. we use micro-telehandlers whenever practical, and our Unimog and trailer can haul 18 cubic meters of woodchip in one go (yep that’s equivalent to 6 transit vans full).Our staff are all highly trained, in many different areas of work, beyond the normal narrow scope of experience we encountered in other companies, ken for example has travelled to Scandinavia to work for progressive companies over there, and I have travelled all over Scotland to work in sawmills, tree planting sites, clear-fells and on Canadian style skylines (like you see on all those American TV logging shows). We also make a point of paying even the most inexperienced of our workers nearly double minimum wage, as to pay any less for a job so physically demanding is just unfair, and attracts only the poorest staff who would not fit with our core principals.

It’s still early days, but just watch this space.

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