Tree Surgeons can help you move house!

Moving house is up there amongst life’s big stresses! It produces a never-ending list of things-to-do and, most worryingly, the potential for a great many things to go wrong. But there is one stress you can remove easily by calling your local Tree Surgeon. Let them check your new home before making your final commitment to purchase.

Tree Surgeons are trained to spot:

  • Trees that are dangerous. Weak or broken branches may fall during a storm, or even the whole tree if the root system and tree base is eroded or damaged.
  • Trees diseases. A diseased tree is potentially costly to deal with and did you know some diseases are legally notifiable?
  • Trees near buildings that are going to cause problems now or in the years to come. Tree Surgeons know how much and how quickly a tree will grow and can therefore estimate if and when a tree may endanger a building.
  • Trees roots which have the potential to disturb driveways or paths or foundations. Tree roots spread further than you think! Some tree roots rise above ground level as they grow and develop and can exert a great deal of upwards force.
  • Neighbours’ trees which have potential to cause damage to your property and the possibility of trouble with new neighbours.
  • Your trees which may cause problems to your neighbours’ property in future.

Tree Surgeons can provide:

  • A New Home Report (Trees) which can be called upon during any negotiations or legal proceedings.
  • A cost estimate of any tree remedial work which would be required on purchase.
  • A tree management plan for the future and an estimate of the costs involved.
  • A cost estimate on tree work which may be required if you have plans to make changes to your new property, like build an extension.
  • Hedging maintenance schedules and costs.
  • Advice on tree planting to get the most suitable species for purpose and location. For example, you may benefit from a wind break or shade. It should be noted that having a tree or hedge wind break can potentially save on home heating costs.

Tree Surgeons can also check whether any tree on the property is covered by a Tree Preservation Order and, if so, advise on your legal obligations.

Remember: It’s never too early to consult a professional Tree Surgeon.


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