Site Clearance

Site Clearance in and around Moray and Aberdeenshire

Site Clearance

Site Clearance work is ideally suited to Epic Tree Care’s machinery and experience, whether you are needing it all just dropped and left as is, or the site cleared including timber and brash gone, we can accommodate your needs.

It is worth noting that should you want the full whack (site left neat and tidy, timber and brash removed fully, stumps ground), there will be a significant price difference to the “Cut and Drop” method, so if you are working to a tight budget and just want it down, tell us this upfront and we will price it accordingly.

We prefer to leave you with a neat and clean site where possible- indeed there are very few outfits in the area kitted out to leave sites as clean at such a low price, but the time is still more expensive than just knocking it all over, so we may otherwise be uncompetitive versus teams quoting to simply drop.

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Site Clearance
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