How to Remove Toilet Paper from Trees


If you have ever been targeted at Halloween by some cheeky pranksters it can be a real pain. Pranks often cause more harm and bother than the pranksters anticipate – Eggs strip the paint from cars and dull down the paintwork. But does toilet paper (TP) do any damage to trees and garden hedges?

This article covers the best ways to get rid of toilet paper from trees, hedges, grass and gardens – including tall trees!

First of all, toilet paper does not cause any major harm trees. But it is horrendously unsightly, and nobody wants their neighbours and every person who passes by to see their garden in such a state.

Follow our expert arborist’s tips below to safely and easily remove toilet paper from your trees – big and small. Your garden will be returned to its former glory with no harm to trees, hedges and grass.


Getting Toilet Paper Out of the Garden

No matter what – Do NOT set toilet paper in trees on fire. Sounds obvious, but you risk significant damage to your tree and your property could catch fire. It has happened before – check out the full story.

And do not attack your tree with a tree trimmer until there are no more branches left just to get rid of the toilet paper.


Guide to Removing Toilet Paper from Trees

Try the tips in this step by step guide to get rid of toilet paper from trees, hedges and grass in your garden. Guided by these instructions, tree-owning prank victims can rid their garden of unsightly toilet paper strewn throughout tree branches and hedges.


  1. Act before any rainfall!

Wet toilet paper is much tougher to remove from your garden.

  1. Start from the top and work downwards.

Bag up the toilet paper for disposal. Be careful not to drop any onto the ground, as toilet paper can be even harder to remove from damp or moist grass and soil surfaces.

  1. Gently unwind the toilet paper from trees and branches.

Pulling or tugging aggressively will only rip the toilet paper and increase the workload.

  1. Use a rake or long garden tool to reach the toilet paper from tall trees and branches safely.

Gently use the tool to unhook and unwind toilet paper from hard to reach places.

  1. If a rake or long garden tool isn’t long enough, try a leaf blower.

Direct the leaf blower so the toilet paper gathers in an area where it can be easily retrieved.

  1. Don’t risk removing toilet paper from trees near power lines – contact a tree trimming service.

Safety is of primary concern, not to mention the implications of causing a power outage.

  1. Use a garden hose to spray out the last few remaining bits of toilet paper out of trees and hedges.

This tip is intended for quite literally the last few pieces of toilet paper left over, after trying all other techniques, as you will need to collect the little pieces of toilet paper from the ground. But this is relatively easily in comparison to retrieving the final bits of toilet paper from the trees directly. Try and use the hose in a controlled manner so the bits of wet toilet paper are gathered together to reduce the workload of collection on the ground.


Why Remove Toilet Paper from Trees?

Trees and a well maintained garden adds significant value to your property. You can give your garden and trees the best chance to survive and flourish by following the tips from our professional arborist in Epic Tree Care’s Blog. As many local arborists will concur, trees deserve the best chance possible especially in our UK climate.

For an affordable tree service and free onsite quotes in the North East of Scotland, call 01224 460377 or contact our Expert Arborists.

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