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Councils, Housing Associations and Property Management companies that maintain estates with existing trees must fully discharge their duty of care to the public and its staff and ensure compliance with current legislation (The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Occupiers Liability Act 1957/84). These organisations must be able to demonstrate that they have a system in place for inspecting and recording its trees (Chapman VS Barking and Dagenham).

Tree surveys will include trees plotted on computer generated map, tree tagging, species, height, average radial crown spread, age class, vitality, structural condition plus recommendations and priority rating for tree works. A check to establish if any planning conditions or TPOs exist on any of the trees will be carried out.

  • Tree Surveys and Inspections
  • Tree Hazard Assessment
  • Decay Detection and Mapping
  • Insurance claims assessment
  • Development Site Consultancy to BS 5837:2012
  • Legal Advice
  • Home Buyers Tree Reports
  • Disease Disorder and Management

At present we work in partnership with a respected Independent consultant. It’s our belief that the impartiality afforded by this arrangement is an important aspect of the service provided to the prospective client.

Our consultant has £1m professional indemnity insurance.

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For a Free Quotation call us on 01224 460377


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