Commercial Services

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At Epic Tree Care we offer a comprehensive range of commercial tree surgery services. These range from tree surveys and inspections to site clearance, site maintenance and management all the way through to tree planting and after care.

Using our extensive experience and understanding we will put together and implement a personalised management plan for your organisation allowing us to meet your needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

The works can also be undertaken as part of a program over several site visits according to your order of priority and available budget or , where necessary, they can be carried out within short timescales utilising our plant and machinery operated by qualified and experienced personnel.

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British Standards

All tree pruning has an impact upon tree health and therefore there needs to be good justification for its implementation. Any work we do will be carried out in accordance with British standards (BS 3998; 2010) ‘Recommendations for Tree Work’. We are members of the Arboricultural Association, a professional organisation that caters for our industry.

Risk Assessment and Method Statements

Every job we do is covered by a detailed risk assessment (available on request). Detailed Method Statements are also available.


We recycle 99% of our waste.

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For a Free Quotation call us on 01224 460377


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