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Epic Tree Care was founded by Clive Coney in 2014. It is a small local enterprise operating throughout North East of Scotland, servicing Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.
clive coney tree surgeon
Owner / Arborist

Clive has been working in Forestry and Arboriculture for coming up to 15 years.

During this time he has been involved in a huge range of works ranging from large-scale commercial tree planting to woodland management programmes to domestic work in all tree related varieties.

This range of experience and points of view have helped to focus and shape the company into what it is today, efficient, safe, focussed on making sure people get what they want, in the long run and realistically.

Clive is very machinery orientated, with his farming roots he knows well that often a piece of machinery can save valuable time, prevent worker injuries and make working all round much more productive. This has resulted in Epic Tree Care boasting an impressive array of machinery, allowing us to perform work far more cleanly and thoroughly than many other businesses could dream.

He has a keen interest in the uses of the wood and environmental impacts of trees also, resulting in the planting of most of the original farmstead with local hardwood trees (around 75 Acres due to be finished planting by 2021), the purchase of a Bandsaw Sawmill, Tractor with Crane and Timber Cart, all to avoid wasting rare hardwood sawlogs as firewood, so they can be reused for something more suitable. He has a keen interest in old fashioned Joinery, so simply couldn’t stand to see the waste from several angles.

Based in Keith, we are well equipped to undertake the complex tree surgery works and provide forestry and arboricultural services across North East of Scotland.
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